About Ameen Foundation

To fulfill the mission of Ameen Foundation Our Chairman and General Secretary Are doing their work well.

This is the age of dearness, everyone is in great trouble to fulfill the wishes , medical allowance and electricity bills for their family.
By the Grace of Almighty Allah, it can be proudly said that this foundation has become a main basis of the poor society and provides them help after a complete inquiry and Istikhara. Every year an income and expenditure report has been created which has been sent to the donors. In this report, addresses of the people to whom these donations have been given, is mentioned with details.
This shows that your money has been given to the right people. You can also contact these people with the help of their addresses and get a confirmation whether the organization has provided them with the aid and if they are really the ones who deserve. In a way, your
Sadaqaat or Zakaat is being spent with your own hands. Our mission is to search those people who are not able to earn, we will help them.
Purpose of Ameen Foundation!
The main purpose of our foundation is to build a pillar to stand our poor people. We have to Del poverty and hunger. Education should be in front of every person. Foundation is trustee of giving donation. When a single coin is spent, it should be through complete inquiry.
A slip has been given to the donor. A person should be rich or poor should face so many problems to start a new project. When people go to Ruhani Baba to solve their problem then a chain of looted have been started. Therefore to see these problems AMEEN FOUNDATION has made a panel that treats the people through ISTIKHARA


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Bank Alfalah Limited, Pakistan.

Please Note IBAN for international donors. Thank You


Please Remember!

We are trustee and it’s our duty to send your deposits to the deserved. E-Mail to us on donation@ameenfoundation.org.pk after you have been donated.