From the creation of this universe, where the creation is populated, every person of this universe has to face dream in his life. Some face frequently and some face infrequently dreams. About dream there are two sides of dreams. One sided is that dream comes and tell us about our future what we have to face next and other side is that the dream comes only about sickness and sychetric condition. In fact, these sided are true and accurate at limit because sometimes tension and tiredness may cause dream which denotation is tension and illusion nothing else.
Head Workers Scholars and meditators have made a research on dream and sort out its solution from different angles but this problem can not solved accurately. Men’s research has reached about his peak to know the hiddens given by ALLAH.

Sayings of Allah About the Reality of Dream

Excellence knowledge denotation is that Allah has blessed him with special denotation and by the grace of Allah almighty Allah has shown all the knowledge that knowledge will be aspecious and cardinal. Here is an example “For same we have made king to Yusaf (Allaihy Salam) on Syria and teach him the denotation.”
Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallal laho Alaihy Wasallam) has seen a dream after the incident of Maira’aj which Allah almighty has described in our Holy Quran as “Allah has fulfilled the dream of our Holy Prophet (Sallal laho Alaihy Wasallam).”

Sayings of Our Holy Prophet

(Sallal laho Alaihy Wasallam) About the Dream

Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallal laho Alaihy Wasallam) said “The sight of Nabuwwat has no more” and no will tell you about the future except the Annunciator.

The People asked “Ya Rasool Allah what is Annunciation?”
Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallal laho Alaihy Wasallam) said “Good and true dreams”

  • True dream is like a message from Allah because the dreamer could not be remiss about the ordered given by Allah almighty.
  • When the dream is not share it will be in the cage of birds foot when it will be described he will be done.
  • The largest slander is that a person shows that the things which he had not seen before yet and describe a lier dream.
  • When Devil plays with him/her he should not describe his dream in front of any one.
  • The Believers dream is the 46th part of the Nabuwwat.
  • Do not share your dream in front of anyone except close friend and prude person.
  • Those who speaks the truth they are the good denotation.
  • The best and true dream is at the time of morning.
  • Good dream is a message from Allah almighty and describe that dream with his partner only.
  • When a person face bad dream he has to do spitting three times on his right side and change his side from light to left or left to right. Also read Nauz.
Which person see me in Dream, He sees me reality because Devil can not come in my face.

Sayings of Our Religious Progenitors

about the Dream

Our Caliph Hazrat Ali ( May God be pleased with him) said, “if a muslim see a dream or any other person saw him in a dream, it is compulsory for him to know his denotation for get happiness from noble dream and save from bad dream.”
Hazrat Abdullah Bin Abbas (May God be pleased with him) said, “Dream is a Godsend, from this Godsend Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallal laho Alaihy Wasallam) got Nabuwwat and see our beloved angel Hazrat Jibraeel (Alaihy Salam).”

The Efforts of our Muslim Scholars about the denotation of a Dream

Although in every part of this universe, scholar from every part of this world has described the denotation of dream by his effort but our Islamic Scholars and Researchers made an effort with keen interest and investigation on it to desribe the denotation of dream, thay are the maverick. Our Muslim scholars have written many books on this topic to lead the humanity about denotation of dreams.

The Dream of Hazrat Yusuf (Alaihy Salam)

Although Hazrat Yusuf (Alaihy Salam) was a child yet, one night he saw a dream, “Eleven stars, moon and sun are prostrating”. Childhood age and this type of astonishing dream when You (Alaihy Salam) waked up and share this dream with his father Prophet Hazrat Yaqoob (Alaihy Salam). He lisned you and advised, “Do not share this dream with his brothers otherwise he would be tease you.” Again said, “Your Allah will elect you and blessed you with denotation of dreams.

The Dream of our Caliph Hazrat Umar Bin Abdul Aziz (May God be pleased with him)

Once upon a time, a maid describes her dream. “I saw the day of judgement has become and the Hell is on its peak, people are crossing the Pull Siraat, I saw that the caliph Abdul Malik bin Marwaan fell into the hell while crossing the Pull Siraat. After this Waleed Bin Abdul Maalik also can not cross the Pull Siraat and fell into the Hell. After this I saw you, the maid said these words and Hazrat Umar Bin Abdul Aziz became senseless”. The maid cried, “I saw you were crossed Pull Siraat by safe and sound.”

The Denotation of Dream near Expert Medician

Dreams have no link with reality they are just due to food poisining. In their view when a person sleeps before digest his food or eat extra from their routine then stomach has to do extra work to digest. When a person was in sweet sleep but his stomach was in working. Due to digestive system when particles vapour to his heart and mind they cause different and various types of dreams. But the deep research about dreams shows that it’s not only due to digestive system. Sometimes a healthy and abled person can see eccentric dreams in normal routine which has no link or connection with reality.

The Denotation of Dream near Psychometric

The denotation of dream is very old art and every country or person has made research on it. In view of sychetric dreams are the image of our unfulfilled ambitions. They can judge the psychometric condition and practical condition of a person

Unfounded and Recreant Dreams

  1. If a person see any color in dream or he is arteriole or see him luxurious. It is compulsory for Detonator to read his face and ask all about dream, If detonator feels him drinker or plethysmograph then plethysmograph is his denotation and this dream will be valueless.
  2. If a person sees fire, burner or hot weather in dream and his body color will be yellowish, body will be frail. He talked too much and his mood is faster than other then dream will be trashiness.
  3. If a dreamer was in tension and thinking behavior, his face is blackish and his habit is to set his hair with hand then these are the fake mark
  4. If a patient feel pain in dream it will be also valueless
  5. If a person feels that he was passing his urine in dream and at the mean time he waked and feel that he is urinate and his clothes are wet, his dream will also be valueless.

The difference of dream according to Wealth

  1. As usually the dream of King is true and Prophet’s absolutely true.
  2. Mufti, Judge, Scholar and beggar dream will be true than a normal person.
  3. Independent dream is better than dependent.
  4. Men’s dream is superior to a women’s dream.
  5. A pious person’s dream is authoritative than dissipated.
  6. Rich dream is on the poor’s dream. The result of rich‘s dream will be appear soon than poor’s dream.
  7. The dream of the believer is worth the dream of infidelity.
  8. The dream of Beggar is not valid because she is anxious heart. Its good dream affects in a hurry and worse in later.
  9. The dream of an adult is on the dream of a minor.
  10. The dream of Rak is valid.
  11. The dream of menturacing has denotation.
  12. The dream of wisdom is preferred on the dream of foolishness.
  13. The old man’s dream keeps on dreaming of the child.
  14. The dream of an independent woman is compounded by the dream of a lump.
  15. The dream of minority is a good or bad effect on her parents. Children’s dream is right in front of some scholars and is wrong in some thoughts.